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Zone Accountants provides small business accountancy services over the whole city of London.

We are knowledgeable in providing help to corporate clients as well as individuals. Our Accountants are IFA & IAB member’s internationally recognised professional accountancy and bookkeeping bodies.

The IFA is part of the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) of Australia Group, the world’s largest SME-focused accountancy group, with 35,000 members and students in 80 countries. IFA is also recognised by HM Treasury to regulate its members for the Money Laundering Regulations 2007.  We offer comprehensive services, dealing with all the financial and taxation affairs relating to your business that includes:

  • Corporation Tax
  • Taxes on dividends
  • Payee and National Insurance contributions (taking especial care of Income Tax)

Our clients can use registered mail to send their business documents. Alternatively, they can scan and email all of their business documents.

  • We compute, complete and update your records.

We ensure that your accounts will be accurate and updated on time. We will provide you with feedback regarding how well you are doing, advice to improve the progress of your business as well as the working of your business.

 Our accountants are specialists in understanding the financial issues that affect your business and our software is designed to be simple to use.

We’ll help you maintain your accounts, stay on top of your bookkeeping, and make sure you never have to worry about a missed tax return again.

You’ll save yourself stress and create more time to focus on running your business by working with us. We can set up your limited company in no time, plus we make recording expenses effortless.


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